Flint River is a Saddle Club out of Griffin, GA that is a member of the Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs


Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs has 10 associations from across GA that compete yearly against each other at the State Show in Perry, GA on Labor Day weekend for the bragging rights of who is the best club in GA.


Classes we offer:     Pleasure Events Include: Western Pleasure, Halter, Racking, Reining, Ranch Pleasure, English Pleasure

                                    Speed Events Include: Poles, Cones, Texas, Arena, and Cloverleaf


We have 6 or more shows between September and June to qualify for the state show Labor Day weekend. You must attend at least 50% of the shows and be in the top 6 in order to attend the state show. Awards are given out for the club at the end of each season and you must have attended  75% of the shows and be in the top 6 to qualify for the year end awards. Points are awarded to the top 8th places and is calculated over the qualifying show season. 


Membership: Membership is $25 per family (living in the same house, and limited to two adults over the age of 21) or $ 15 for a single membership. You can sign up for Pleasure and Running membership for an additional $5 which allows you to vote for Pleasure and Running rules.


Classes Cost:  $8 per Class

                           $4 per class for lead line events